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Virtual Tour

Take our virtual tour of The Painted Hall from the comfort of your home

Whilst nothing beats visiting in person, our user-friendly and accessible microsite enables anyone around the world to explore the 3,700m square metres of Baroque walls and magnificent ceilings of the Painted Hall.

With intuitive navigation you can zoom in and pan around 360º to explore the paintings in very high resolution. The Virtual Tour incorporates audio, text, British Sign Language, subtitles, binaural soundscapes and a VR option for Smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the visual drama of the paintings. Additional content helps you to find out more about the people, stories and ideas portrayed. The explanations are narrated by actor Tara Fitzgerald (Game of Thrones, Belgravia).

The project was funded by the National Heritage Fund and it was part of the Painted Hall conservation project. In 2020, it was shortlisted for ‘Best Digital Art Experience’ at the 2020 TimeOut ‘Time In’ Awards.

Virtual Tour