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Black Sailors, Writers, and Entrepreneurs of 18c Greenwich

This active inclusion writing workshop highlights the history of Black free and enslaved people in the 18th century.

Learn about the complexities faced by Black sailors, merchants, and writers as they passed through Greenwich. Explore themes of empire, trade, naval power, and monarchy as you consider the lives of the naval veterans who retired to this site after their service at sea.  

Workshops take place in our Clore Learning Centre and include a tour of the Painted Hall. Activities are designed to help build creative confidence and activate the imagination using accessible creative writing tasks.   

This offer is run by a professional educator-writer in partnership with our Community Outreach. It can be booked by school groups KS3+ as well as community groups of young people or adults. The day consists of morning and afternoon sessions with a 30 minute lunch break in between. Timings, depth of content, and skill levels can be adjusted per group.  

If you would like to book a session, please fill in our Community Workshop Enquiry Form.

Photo credits: Olaudah Equiano, aka Gustavus Vassa © Unknown Artist via Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.