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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy, Organisation and Arrangements

Statement of Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of the Greenwich Foundation to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, volunteers, visitors, tenants and other stakeholders who may be affected by our activities and services. In order to achieve this, it is our policy to provide a safe environment for all our stakeholders. Furthermore we will provide a healthy and safe working environment, safe equipment and systems of work and adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for our staff. The Greenwich Foundation is committed to providing adequate resources to ensure this Policy can be implemented effectively. Furthermore success in achieving a healthy and safe culture throughout the Greenwich Foundation depends on individuals at all levels being enthusiastic, interested and committed at every stage of their work.

The Greenwich Foundation engages contractors to undertake significant amounts of work and to provide services on its behalf. We will use reasonable endeavours to establish the competence of the contractors the Greenwich Foundation appoints to undertake the work safely and without risk to health. The health and safety performance of such contractors will be kept under review in order to ensure adequate standards are maintained.

Where we undertake construction projects, and commercial events on site all responsibilities will be written into contracts with third parties. We will ensure all activities are planned and implemented safely and professionally, with effective segregation maintained to safeguard staff and the public.

We will consult with employees on health and safety matters through the Health & Safety Working Group (set up with a view to actively involving employees in the effective implementation of this Policy).

Where temporary, contract or voluntary staff are working with us on our premises, we will provide the same health and safety standards for them as we do for our own employees.

Our programme of corporate and public events will be managed and coordinated effectively to ensure the Greenwich Foundation is compliant with fire, health and safety standards for the specific event and across the estate, ensuring that we work in ways that will enhance the visitor experience.

The fire, health and safety performance of the Greenwich Foundation and this Policy will be reviewed at least annually by the Board through the Chief Executive on the advice of the Head of Facilities and Operations and the Greenwich Foundation’s retained health and safety adviser, and at any other time when there are significant changes in the Greenwich Foundation, or its activities.

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