Talks & lectures

Nelson Lecture Series

4 May | 7 June
Tickets: £10
Queen Mary Undercroft (subject to change)

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Explore stories of Nelson’s era with this special lecture series to celebrate the reopening of the historic Nelson Room. Lectures begin at 7pm and last one hour. All tickets include entry to the Painted Hall and Nelson Room from 6pm.

Sea of Contradictions: Black Mariners in Nelson’s Navy

Wednesday 4 May
While Britain was becoming the largest trader in human lives across the Atlantic, the Royal Navy was paradoxically the world’s largest employer of waged African labour. Steve Martin reveals how black men serving in Nelson’s Navy contributed to revolutionary thought throughout the Atlantic World and laid the beginnings of multi-ethnic communities across the British Isles.

Nelson and the Transformation of War

Tuesday 7 June
Andrew Lambert examines Nelson’s response to the strategic, political and cultural challenges that Britain faced in the age of the French Revolution, the emergence of total war using mass armies, and the defeat of the European powers. In order to make naval power more effective Nelson adjusted his tactics to secure vital strategic and diplomatic outcomes at the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar.